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The globes in this range double up as drinks cabinets too. Whether you prefer the traditional bar globe or something a little more modern, we have something for you.

Zoffoli Srl, based in Rimini, Italy, has been manufacturing bar globes for three generations, utilising skills that have been handed down father to son. Although today’s production is a modern affair, the same care and attention is given to each piece to ensure that it is manufactured to a very high standard. Craftsmen still add the finishing touches by hand to give each globe that personal touch of class.

The globe balls are made by layering printed paper (called gores) over a vinyl hemisphere to create the complete image on the surface. This highly skilled process used to be done by craftsmen and was a very time consuming job but today it is performed by machine which can achieve a very accurate placement in a fraction of the time. Zoffoli designers have come up with many imaginative designs, giving the customer plenty of choice as well as quality.

The ‘Classica’ range exemplifies the ‘traditional’ bar globe, with a replica 17th century map used as the basis for the cartography on the globe ball.

The ‘Gea’ range in contrast, offers an up to date map on the bar globe, presented in a thoroughly modern two-colour design.

All bar globes require some assembly but this is very easy to do and takes only a few minutes to complete. Shipping large items in this pre assembled way reduces shipping costs and the risk of transit damage.